The possibilities are endless when you decide to bring stained glass into your home, business or house of worship.

Long WindowFlowers

You might want to change what you see when you look out the window-block a view or a partial view, create a mood, provide privacy, distract yourself, remember an adventure, a location, a season, a memory. Enhance your environment with color and reflections that change throughout the day, depending on the sun and outside lighting.

It’s up to you. You provide the space, the idea, or a glimmer of an idea, and I will design and create what you want. You might want something from outside your window included in the panel. For example, I made a window for a staircase landing. The couple wanted me to use clear glass for the background so that a beloved pine tree in their backyard would be included in the window.

In similar fashion, I completed a commission as a wedding gift where everything in the window was made of clear glass in different textures so that you could look through the stained glass to see the ocean in the distance.

Or you might want to conceal a view or part of it. I asked a client years ago why she only wanted stained glass in the bottom half of her kitchen window. She pointed out that she was only 5 feet 2 so she couldn’t see out the top half of her window while standing at the kitchen sink.

Another example: recently I was asked to make a stained glass inset for the middle third of a clear glass back door. The clients love their view-acres of forest, except for the glimpse through the trees of their neighbors’ house – painted a disagreeable color. They just wanted that hidden.

There are countless ways to add beauty to your environment using stained glass. Besides any window in any room in your home or business, you might choose instead to have glass art installed in a landing, doors, entryways, skylights, transoms, archways, pass-throughs, a valance or free hanging in a window or wall.

Each commission is a unique collaboration between you, me and the glass.

Size doesn’t matter. Years ago I was hired to fill the windows of a doll house with stained glass. Most of the windows were 2 inches by 2 inches. I have also made windows 9 feet high, 6 feet wide and everything in between.

Whether you are an art lover, homeowner, business person, architect, contractor or interior designer, I would love the challenge of making your glass dream a reality. Lots of factors come into play – your ideas, your budget, the lighting and the room.

I have been working/playing/exploring glass for decades now and am still fascinated, challenged and thoroughly enjoying each commission. My studio is in my home, which I share with my husband, daughter and animals in the beautiful Carson Valley, Nevada.

Please take a look at my portfolio. I look forward to hearing from you.

Martha Aines Lessard